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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Manshi Parekh New Pictures

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Oscar Ravichandran, of Aascar Films, has been a pioneer in making movies with new faces. He has given breaks to a lot of newcomers in films like Rojakootam and Dishum.

Though recently Ravi has become known more for his big budget extravaganzas, he is now going back to experimenting with newcomers – within the commercial format, of course.

His new film, Leelai, stars model-and-TV host Shiv Pandit and Manshi Parekh. Directed by debutant Andrew Louis, the film has music scored by Satish Chakravarthy. An office romance, Leelai is a love story between two IT employees, working in HCL.

Velraj is the cameraman and V T Vijayan is the editor of the film.


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